Joint Base Anacostia-Boling Upgrades

Building 411 houses The United States Secret Service office as well as garages the Presidential motorcade. The building has undergone many space renovations over the past several years, yet the HVAC system was often overlooked. It became imperative to provide the occupants with consistent and comfortable air temperatures in an expeditious time frame.

JRA was contracted to replace the outdated variable volume terminal units that provide air tempering for individual offices as well as all electrical and control wiring for each unit. Additional VVT’s were installed in six locations, new ductwork, thermostats and circuit breakers were installed on all units as well.

Working in the office of the USSS, security requirements were very stringent and all personnel from JRA and our subcontractors had to be cleared before access was granted. Once working on the site, escorts had to be present at all times and work had to be coordinated with the office personnel as there were highly sensitive and classified documents within every individual office.